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Alternus is a utility-scale transatlantic clean energy independent power producer (IPP), currently listed on Nasdaq. Headquartered in the US, we develop, install, own and operate utility-scale solar parks in America and Europe. Our highly motivated and dynamic team at Alternus have achieved rapid growth in recent years. Building on this, our goal is to reach 3GW’s of operational projects within 5 years through continued organic development activities and targeted strategic opportunities.


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Environmental, Social & Governance

At Alternus, sustainability is at the core of our business. We specialize in developing, installing, owning, and operating solar PV parks to contribute to national decarbonization goals. Our commitment extends beyond operations to responsible and ethical governance and investments as a publicly traded company. We prioritize aligning business goals with creating a greener and socially responsible energy sector. Rigorous due diligence precedes all engagements and investments to assess our ESG impacts. We acknowledge the profound impact our choices today have on the environment and future generations. Learn more about our sustainability commitments here.

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